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Embracing Sleep in work culture

Author: Staff Writer
Date: Nov 13, 2019
Read time: .25 min

In a survey of nearly 200 business leaders by consulting firm McKinsey, 43 percent said they do not get enough sleep at least four nights a week, and yet 46 percent said that lack of sleep didnt play a significant role in leadership performance.

Research is now confirming everywhere, points towards the opposite.

Years of bad sleep can negatively impact memory, decision making skills, creativity and social interactions, of which are crucial for those in top corporate positions.    Your brain basically goes through a cleanse when you’re not awake: It flushes out harmful toxins while going over information you acquired during that day.

Power naps during the day offer a complete turbocharge for your memory and boost productivity - and now most major companies, in particular in Silicon Valley ones are offering ‘nap’ rooms for their workers.

Now for the next step - ensuring you calendar has slotted the ‘nap’ hour.  Perhaps you can list that as an Calendar invite with yourself.   Block it out now, or someone will use that hour since you are ‘free’ in the schedule.  Your growth in your career demands it.

Gamification in marketing design

Author: Sr. Staff member
Date: Dec 2019
Read time: .38 min

Delta Airlines used gamification to reach the heart of New Yorkers.

To put it simply, gamification incorporates fun and an element of competition to a marketing strategy. It also works with all brand fans and people who want to participate – not just the ones with a ton of followers.

The theory behind implementing these types of techniques is that they make an emotional connection with the audience and lead to a longer relationship as opposed to simple brand awareness.

An easy way to work with brand advocates and potential consumers is through tactics such as contests, free product giveaways with bloggers, and games that have a thematic relevance with the brand being promoted.

So some stats: 

More than 70% of the worlds largest 2,000 companies are expected to have one gamified appliation by the year end of 2020.

Vendors now are seeing a 100-150% increase in engage on applications that are gamified to some degree.I

In the same way a hollywood movie or soap operat can ‘hook’ a member in to continue to watching the climax, this same concept when applied in marketing can hook a user to feel an emotional connection to follow the brands personal story, through some kind of direct engagement.

Lab Grown meat here to stay

Author: Editor
Date: Dec 2019
Read time:  27 secs

It is well documented through global research (albeit not the average reader) that the agricultural industry and the current diet of mankind is contributing extensively to the contribution of toxic green house gases in our atmosphere.   Some research indicates up to 25-40% of our current carbon dioxide increases are due directly to how we eat today — which as a heavy reliance on meat and dairy today.

So with that pressing problem above, investment interest and growth towards foods that can be grown more sustainably, without excessive harm to the environment are in order.  Enter lab grown meat.    

 Two new San Francisco starts-ups are making some encouraging headway - Just and New Age meats.  

New Age is making a case for lab grown meat, using cells form existing animals.   No more harm to future animals, and the lab can continue to grow meat from existing cells sustainably.

Just Meat is developing an animal free, plant based nutrient recipe to feed cells to grow meat.  

Both are showing extreme promise from customers and investors..  And many are partnering directly with the food industry, as it will take a village to get habits to change to solve our most pressing global issues of today.

More info on Just  (
More info on new Age meats (

The fall of the largest milk producer

Author: Chief Editor
Date: Nov 13, 2019
Read time:  45 seconds

Let’s look at those numbers.

It is wildly believed that the Agricultural industry is responsible for nearly 40% of harmful greenhouse gases in the atmosphere..  Turns out that how you eat impacts more of the world’s delicate ecological balance than most originally had thought.

And now for the numbers.

Market for milk alternatives is expected to surpass $18 billion in 2019 alone.Per capital milk consumption in the U.S. has declined more than 40% since 1975. And, a 10x increase in news content from major media sources about the negative impacts of agriculture on the envonrment over the last two years alone.

All these numbers are only truly just beginning.

In short, you can make a difference.  People are doing that today. News of the fall of any company is generally never celebrated -  for jobs, or investors take a hit or other ripple effects are felt that can negatively impact the economy.   But, these are not normal times.   This news is certainly one of the better pieces of news to come out in 2019. It means that people are tackling the issues confronting humanity with their wallets.  Instead of fighting with politicians for a voice, the strongest vote anyone has is with their own wallet.

Sometimes it is important look upwards

Author: Unsure
Date: In the Present
Read time:  Not longish

An Area CEO went out point out the important of looking up. Both figuratively and literally. Not much more to this story, so not sure why it is made its way in to this amazing paper. But oh well, sometimes people have to reminder other people of the important things. Oddly the photo has two arrows pointing forward too, which is also nice symbolism i think. Party time.

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