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Cybersecurity 2020 spending trends

Author: Staff writer
Date: Oct 24, 2019
Read time: 1.2 min

Well, as everyone can guess, this is a continued rising spend, outpacing most IT spending as a general percentage.

Security can be a complex subject filled with various attack vectors and general confusion as to who is doing what now.

Cybersecurity is generally receiving four times more budget than to anything else in the IT budget. 

Gartner is recently predicting that security services will account for nearly 50% of spend for Cybersecurity in 2020.    The other key items are infrastructure protection and network security equipment.

In 2020, Privacy concerns will still drive most of security, which includes most of the various regulatory demands for compliance.

Most CISO’s are claiming they want more tools in visibility , alignment and analytics.

And the newest trend is is in the C Suite where this is now a board level discussion around compliance, and various digital business risks.

Many security services are angled around how to ensure security is baked in the the culture of a company.  Most security breaches are tied to process failures that hackers can exploit.   Ensuring adequate and continuous training of staff is very key. 

While CISO’s have more budget than ever before, there’s a need to guard against overspending and misspending.  Most budgets are now geared towards cross functional initiatives to improve culture over more software.   Collaborating with the C Suite can helps CISO’s direct budget toward better integrated security for the future.

Employee Monitoring Trends

Author: Mikey Innovich
Date: Oct 16, 2019
Read time: 1 min

Employers are increasingly using non traditional employee monitoring tools and employees are growing more comfortable with it - if you tell them what you are doing and why.

New tools are being provided to listen to employees in non traditional ways. 
Last year of 239 large corporations surveyed by Gartner, nearly 50% are using some kind of non traditional monitoring software.  That is up from only 30% in 2015, and we expect by 2020, this will be at 80% will montior regularly.

When it comes to non-traditional monitoring, we are referring to analyzing the text of emails, and social media messages, scrutinizing who’s meeting with whom and gathering biometric data while understanding how employees are using their workspace.

Employee surveys have their limits.

They key to an effective monitoring solution within an enterprise lays foundationally in how transparent the organization is as to the how and why.  As long as those are communicated in advance and understood that this is to the benefit of the health of the organization then most of the time this rolls out quite successfully.

4D Film coming to you

Author:  SF Editor
Date: Sept 2019
Read time:  .25 min

Due to entertainment competition with with more and more people spending time in home theater (along with subscription entertainment) are banking on 4D Film, with some local theater betting big on 4D to bring back viewers to the big screen.

So what exactly  is 4D Film?

Quick simply, 4D is a completely immersive experience, complete with synchronized motion seats and live sensory effects like wind and rain and even smell.

In San Francisco, the Korean Movie Theatre chain (CJ CJV ) is betting big on it by setting a stake  in the famous 1000 Van Ness building in downtown San Francisco to replace the previous AMC theatre outpost in that building.    The 20 screen theatre is set to open up in mid 2020.

Traditionally some 4D style cinema was common at some theme parks.  However the new 4D style will be a full upgrade and promises to pull the viewer in like never before.

We are waiting and certainly excited to see this transition from traditional box theatres players.

More to come for sure.  Our staff plans to be at the grand reopening of the 1000 Van Ness Theatre with CJV 4D film. and will provide and update report.

Sometimes it is important to cut it up

Author:  Head Editor
Date: Aug 2019
Read time:  .10 min

Our primary editor went out to quickly moonwalk in the Detroit airport, while reading some texts on his phone. Passerbys were not exactly certain what might be going on, since the moonwalking SVELT editor seemed oblivious to the mini audience watching the smooth flowing moonwalking procedure. Damn straight!

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