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Will Quantum accelerate AI?

Author: Staff Opinion
Date: Nov 7, 2019
Read time: Not difficult

Researchers are no longer focused solely on building a quantum computer that could carry out Shor’s algorithm and break encryption codes. For many, an intermediate goal is to achieve “quantum supremacy,” a term coined by Caltech’s John Preskill. Thus when quantum computers can carry out tasks that are not possible or practical for a normal computer this would be reached, often deemed interesting in optimisation problems.“There’s ample reason to believe that quantum computers would be good at solving optimization problems.

For one, nature seems to have no trouble with them. Plants solve them all the time when they turn sunlight into energy using photosynthesis.”

Forward-thinking organizations recognize the synergistic boost that the combination of quantum computing and artificial intelligence may herald. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella stated in a WSJ Magazine interview, “What’s the next breakthrough that will allow us to keep up this exponential growth in computing power and to solve problems—whether it’s about climate or food production or drug discovery? I think that’s where quantum plays a role." Per Nadella, artificial intelligence and quantum computing are "going to shape a lot of the technology going forward.”

So the short answer is yes. As long as humanity can be lead towards solving impactful societal problems, this combination may allow mankind to flourish beyond anyones practical expectations. 

Lab Grown Meat here to stay

Author: Staff writer
Date: In the Past
Read time:  40 seconds

It is well documented through global research (albeit not the average reader) that the agricultural industry and the current diet of mankind is contributing extensively to the contribution of toxic green house gases in our atmosphere.   Some research indicates up to 25-40% of our current carbon dioxide increases are due directly to how we eat today — which as a heavy reliance on meat and dairy today.

So with that pressing problem above, investment interest and growth towards foods that can be grown more sustainably, without excessive harm to the environment are in order.  Enter lab grown meat.    

 Two new San Francisco starts-ups are making some encouraging headway - Just and New Age meats.  

New Age is making a case for lab grown meat, using cells form existing animals.   No more harm to future animals, and the lab can continue to grow meat from existing cells sustainably.

Just Meat is developing an animal free, plant based nutrient recipe to feed cells to grow meat.  

Both are showing extreme promise from customers and investors..  And many are partnering directly with the food industry, as it will take a village to get habits to change to solve our most pressing global issues of today.

More info on Just  (
More info on new Age meats (

Piping hot coffee not all that bad

Author: Pete Coffee drinker
Date: In the Past
Read time:  3000 miliseconds

Contrary to what many people believe, drinking piping hot coffee without creamer can actually be quite beneficial to your health. Some of those unexpected benefits are that you are able to eat less tasty foods, like beets for example, without any concern since your tongue no longer has the ability to taste much of anything, since your tongue likely had 2nd degree burns from the charring in that morning.  Other benefits include less spending required on creamer. And a faster wake up time.

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